Mzansi Is Left Happy For This Woman After She Gives This Reason Why Her Husband Cannot Take 2nd Wife

In Mnakwethu, this woman has won the hearts of Mzansi after explaining why her husband cannot have a second wife.

Twitter page with the hashtag #Mnakwethu and the most recent episode on Dstv Mzansi Magic channel 161.

Mzansi was reduced to tears after MaXaba broke down in #Mnakwethu while explaining why her husband would not accept a second wife. A tear was shed in the first episode of #Mnakwethu when MaXaba first met Musa Mseleku.

MaXaba is sticking to her pledge that Xaba will never marry again. According to her, he is too inebriated to properly wield his authority.




MaXaba You’ve made it quite plain why Mr. Xaba cannot afford a second wife at this time. If he wants polygamy, she’ll give it to him, she claimed. She declared her upcoming dual-role status.

According to MaXaba, she has been working hard to provide for her family. However, MaXaba knows that if her husband were to take another wife, they would both suffer financially.

After all her hard work, just when she’s starting to relax, she’s asked to split the spoils. We now know that Xaba is not the breadwinner in that household, but rather his wife.

Please let me know what you thought of this episode and the Xaba family by commenting below. Is he mature enough to marry again, in your opinion?

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