Mzansi Is Left Happy After #XRepo Helped This Man. Here Is What Happened

Mzansi Is Left Happy After #XRepo Helped This Man. Here Is What Happened

Source: Hashtag #XRepo Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




In SA break ups are serious, its a serious pandemic. Stories we see on #XRepo is a proof of what is needed. #XRepo has manged to help the man who went to him seeking a help after his wife took everything.

We have seen many shows of #XRepo and any of them it had abuse inside. It has now proven that woman are the ones who are very toxic and abusive in their marriage. They are the other reason why many mens decided to left the house because of the toxic situation they are at.

In the last episode of #XRepo a man was in a relationship with woman. They had their fall out and the man move out of the house. He went to #XRepo because he wanted the furniture such as sofa, washing machine and a car. It’s sad that in many cases when man had to report such accidents to the police they do t take him serious. Even in court woman always in the case even wen they know they are at wrong.

The mother of the lady who is a pastor left everyone talking in social media after she admitted on live TV that she has chained mentally ill children in her house. Mznsi has been asking themselves where is social development if she can chained the children. She even said that the sofa that he want is not in the house but when they check at the back room the found them.

The man looks so defeated because he couldn’t get all his staff back. When they go to their house they found that she changed the locks and he can get inside. When Mr X called the lady it was clear that she is the man of the house. She is abusing the man. This Guy is too sweet maan, mzansi has been happiness that Mr X come back and helps this man. The the tshepiso lady is so entitled, she thinks staying with someone is marriage. She even have guts to take the guy to court to fight for things that don’t even belong to her.