Mzansi Is left Happy After Seeing Siyacela From #IsecaneLengane

Mzansi Is left Happy After Seeing Siyacela From #IsecaneLengane







Do you remember Siyacela Dlamuka from the reality tv show Isecane Lengane? Siyacela have posted his old pictures that mzansi captured him in the last episode.

Mzansi Is Left talking after Siyacela from Isecane Lengane finally came out to speak about what happened at the hospital when Thando was in labor. The reality tv star Siyacela was seen in the last episode eating Thando’s food when she was in hospital.

With caption: “You once talked badly to me Siyacela ate Thando’s food, Siyacela left Thando private hospital even if you can talk to me i dont have to continue talking to me” Siyacela wrote in his language.

Siyacela has finally speaks about why he was seen eating Thando’s food. Mzansi werw angry at him after he failed to be there for Thando when she needed him the most during the labor. During the show people were not impressed with him. Siyacela has never impressed his fans and followers because of his behavior.

Siyacela’s father Mr Dlamuka went and take wife on behalf of his son. Apparently Siyacela does not have many followers like his wife Thando. Thando has been recognized as one of the bright students. It’s pity that she did not pass matric because of the stress she was getting from her husband.

Many people went in numbers to ask him whether he was coming back to Dstv MojaLoveTv with another hot session. Siyacela Dlamuka is a South African media personality and a public figure popular known from the reality tv show Isecane Lengane.

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