Mzansi Is Left Happy After Hearing This About Pretty From #SkeemSaam

Mzansi Is Left Happy After Hearing This About Pretty From #SkeemSaam

Mzansi were left in shock after last episode of SkeemSaam. After watching the last episode of #SkeemSaam followers were convinced that Khwezi could have kidnapped her again. SkeemSaam fans are happy that Pretty tty final made it to the hospital, people hought Khwezi’s hitman got her first after Phomolo tried to call her several times ad her number goes to voice-mail.





Mantuli’s pride does not allow her to forgive Pretty for she did but it was her prayer that saved Pretty. She prayed for her child’s safety though she didn’t want to hear anything from her lately. It’s clear that mommy can sense when her baby is in danger. We thought she wasn’t going o make it to the hospital, but straight after the short yet powerful prayer Mantuli had. we knew nothings is going happen to her mother’s prayer is powerful.

Khwezi will not rest until she find a way to kill Pretty who happen to be a distraction between her joy. Khwezi has taken the image of Lelo Mthiyane, she will not rest until she kill one between Lehasa and Pretty.

Fans and followers in social media are happy to see the latest updates of SkeemSaam. Viewers are happy to see Pretty who finally made it to the hospital. Viewers are not happy after Uncle Phomolo revealed the pregnancy of Khwezi to Khwezi and Lehasa. The bombshell really got Pretty’s fans and followers angry

This khwezi thing is here to stay, her name appears at the beginning of the soapie, its gona be a long road watching that witch, poor pretty. And the baby is already being taught how to be evil with the mother. Am sure this baby will trouble its better if the nature takes care of it bfor it see the world.