Mzansi Is Left Disappointed By This Man After He Did This To His Wife In #Mnakwethu

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed By This Man After He Did This To His Wife In #Mnakwethu

Source: Hashtag #Mnakwethu twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

Name a show that degrade black women like Mnakwethu. Is it the show that degrades women. It merely exposes Men for being dogs. The wife on todaysshow did what I wish all the wives wuld do when a man brings a side chick on this show to introduce them. These men are so disrespectful. Black men must stop cheating on black women.

A Man Shamase has been married to his wife for 10 years and he has been dating his baby mama for 8 years. Shamases mother (the mother in-law) knows about the child out of Wedlock while Mamkhulu doesnt know for 7 years. Another thing to remember: in-laws will never be your family. People must in grave this in their minds. Imagine the mother in law knew about a child for an entire 7 years.





This man , cheated just a year after getting married and impregnated his side chick 2 years after the marriage. Sometimes we wonder if man really understand what it means to be married and committed.

Mseleku proves to be great host again, great episode. Shamase is calm and trying to get a second wife appears to be a hill that will not be easy climb. Isthembu reveals the most unexpected things from couples. That guy wants #Isthembu but cant even speak for himself, he cant even handle telling his wife. He literally froze during the whole thing..

Shamase must be rescued from that marriage is definitely abusive. When Musa was saying the lady is abusing him when she said “I will burn your beards”, meanwhile he is the one abusing these ladies emotionally. The way Mrs Shamase lost it when Thabisile said, “I came to help you” . Also when she pointed at her husband’s and aksed, “do you think this is for decoration.

A person doesn’t disrespect you without receiving permission/ammunition from the person who brought them with. This girl went from having an attitude to coming down to earth. The wife told her harsh truth and her body language and demeanour changed immediately. We don’t condone violence in anyway but the baby mama’s conduct didn’t help the situation at all. The wife was right to call her cheap. The guy is a specialist in cheating, after hiding baby mama for 8 years. Side chicks child even caught strays and curses ladies we ought to do better.