Mzansi Is Left Disappointed By Thando’s Father After He Did This In #IsencaneLengane

Thando’s father and aunty were waiting for cameras to connect with Thando so that they can ask her about the matric results. So Thando failed matric, But people said she passed it with 4 distinctions. They are now blaming Thando for staying with Siyacela like they never made bad decisions thinking it’s love when you were 19/20.

Mzansi has always has it bad when it comes to her father. Viewers knew he was in it for the fame when he said he congratulated her for passing matric on social media. Thando’s father and Aunt took news on social media and ran with it but did not call her to say congratulations. As for Thando’s father getting information about his daughter on social media and be so quick to post her “achievements” without verifying with her says a lot about him. deadbeat tendency. Him and that fake aunt only wanted to be close to her because they thought they would benefit from her getting those distinctions. If he was a carrying father he should have known that her daughter did not pass with 4 distinctions but she failed. He failed to question that since he choose not to ask her and only ask her on national tv.




Thando’s father is making an excuse for being a deadbeat by saying “I’m not working”. That to me Thando is not looking for his money, but his presence in her life. Even if you do t have a job, job does not makes her to love your child. Thando’s father wants to pick and choose the moments he wants to be supportive in and has the auducity to tell Thandos mother of the things he’s going to do for his other children while he doesn’t do anything for Thando.

Thando is going through a lot for someone who was born in 2003, Pregnant, Failed matric, Tekateking husband, Deadbeat father, Her emotional support structure is non existent. She needs her mom, and they appeared to be close on the previous season.

Siyacela is all the cause of Thando pain and suffering,She has even Failed her matric through of his cheating,treating her like trash she pregnant and his still cheating on her like neva before i feel for Thando.

At this point Viewers have stopped feeling sorry for Thando, if Siyacela wants to play with her even this season let him to. This granny warned Thando about Sthupethu Siyacela that his an idiot that will never change Her future ruined. And told her to never get pregnant but Thando didn’t listen.