Mzansi Is Left Disappointed After A Woman Sold Her Daughters Birth Certificate In #ReaTsotella

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed After A Woman Sold Her Daughters Birth Certificate In #ReaTsotella

Source: Hashtag #ReaTsotellaMonday twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 163 latest episode


A new episode of #ReaTsotellaMonday, we meet a mother gave away her child’s birth certificate. Identity thief. Mzansi is now asking themselves, how did she do it. Both parents are from Maputo, Mozambique but they managed to have SA ID. Another foreign national show, illegals trying to be South Africans.

This is a ID fraud, home affairs why giving someone this lady ID. Her mother registered her daughter ID with someone else, this is fraud. They should be arrested for fraud. Is it illegal to take someone’s ID without them knowing. Some people do things without thinking about the consequences.

There’s someone out there using her name & surname because her mother sold her details. She doesn’t have an ID, she’s struggling because her mother took her ID to register someone. The lady is struggling with kids, she can’t get a space at school because they don’t have certificate. She sold her child’s birth certificate for R1000 and there’s nothing can be done to fix the mess. Selling the birth certificate has now put a hold on the daughters life.

The woman have just confessed of selling SA IDs and certificate for a R1000. Going on national tv to confess your crimes and stupidity is a whole new level on insanity. These ones don’t hide that they buy and sell our SA documents for a mere R1000. They come from Mozambique to come and fight for our papers.

Followers has been saying that Makamu must do what he did last week, call the Police on this lady she must go to Lindela, shes a foreigner. Even if her mother came to SA when she was a day old she would still be a foreigner.our Country is not for sale, people died for this land.