Mzansi Has Had Enough And Calls For Kelly Khumalo To Be Arrested

South Africans are currently noticing another high-profile case that is taking place in court; the case of the well-known and loved soccer star who was murdered in the year 2014. Senzo Mayiwa’s passing left many people in the country in shock, especially because his death was not due to natural conditions. It was a murder that took place in front of several people who were in the house with him when he took his last breath.



Ever since his death, the case of who killed Senzo has not been solved, and not only the family is looking for answers, so do his fans, especially because his case leaves behind so many questions that people feel like could be answered if those who were present when the murder took place could speak out, like well-known singer Kelly Khumalo, who was dating Senzo Mayiwa during the time and who happened to die at her house.

The people who were present when it all took place claim that it was a robbery that took place, and they could not identify the perpetrators. Currently, the case is taking place, and ever since it has reached court, so much has taken place. The case has been postponed to May 30th, which resulted in Kelly Khumalo trending. She is

trending because it seems like Mzansi has had enough of her silence and wants Kelly to be arrested, and not only her but the people who were in the house the day Senzo died. They are also calling for Kelly to be cancelled and to not be supported at any of her gigs, because many believe that the singer knows the truth but is keeping it to herself. Do you agree that Kelly Khumalo should be arrested too?