Mzansi has been making jokes about the death of Queen Elizabeth. See some of them here.

Elizabeth II was crowned queen of the United Kingdom on 6 February 1952 and ruled until her death on 8 September 2022. At 70 years and 214 days, her reign was the second-longest of any head of state in history.

The royal family was placed under medical supervision on Thursday night after the queen’s health had been declining for several days. Her Majesty supposedly decided she had had enough of this accursed term and called off a virtual Privy Council meeting after being urged to rest by her doctors.

Although Ramaphosa mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth, head of the commonwealth, his fellow South Africans did not share his feelings.



After the royal family revealed Queen Elizabeth’s death, South Africans quickly began celebrating and making memes and jokes about her. Strange memes began to circulate in South Africa, such as photoshopped images of saints depicting Diana waiting for an appointment with God to demand that He condemn Her Majesty to eternal damnation.

Some people changed her haircut in photographs, while others fabricated images of people kicking a bucket and claimed they were of her. Others took the mockery a step further, stating that in the images she was truly yelling at God to let her into heaven.

See how the people of South Africa reacted when they learned of the death of Queen Elizabeth:

Someone another fabricated a video in which she purportedly tries to entice Moses and the Almighty.

Watch here: