Mzansi got inspired after a lady uploaded an image of herself buying a new car for her birthday


The end product of hard work is so sweet and immeasurable. Your dreams will only come true when you have put in the effort.

The young lady inspired many people on social media after posting a picture and video of herself purchasing a brand new Mercedes Benz. According to the lady, she was to turn 30 years old and chose to buy herself a brand new Mercedes Benz without expecting any financial assistance from anyone.

What she accomplished set a beautiful example for young females everywhere to be independent and achieve things for themselves without relying on their boyfriends.



People believe that a lady only has two children, a boy and a girl and that she is both a father and a mother to them now that she is single. The lady truly set a positive example for the country through social media, and how she did it gives many South Africans the impression that nothing is impossible.

According to the report, her name is Gugu

The Bens she purchased are model A35. Her face has been covered with a wide smile, which appears to indicate that she is quite thrilled and doesn’t believe she has made it this far.