Mzansi Feel Sorry For This Lady After She Regrets Leaving Her Marital House In #Mamazala

Mzansi Feel Sorry For This Lady After She Regrets Leaving Her Marital House In #Mamazala

Source: Hashtag #Mamazala Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode



Many women who are married have been wondering whether they should leave their marital house when they have fight with their husband or their in-law. In most cases we find women leaving their marital home without thinking about the consequences or the reconsider their decision. In this latest episode of Mamazala we learn that half of the things we end our marriages over are things we could’ve solved out with a bit of time, patience and tolerance. Most young people’s marriages fail because we dont have people in our lives who advise us properly.

In this latest episode Jennifer says that her in-laws packed her bags and kicked her out because she made one mistake which involves her fighting with her mother in-law. She had a fight with her husband and now he’s asking Mamazala to accompany her to go and ask for forgiveness. 

Jennifer who is from Ha-Nthablala in Limpopo wrote to Mamazala because she want her in-law including her husband to tell her and her family where she stand because he sent her back home and never told her if their marriage is over or not. Her husband brought her back home without a valid reason. 

The problem started when she has a fighting with her husband, she packed her bags and went home for a week. She decided to go back to her marriage when it was her time to go back. Her husband asked her to apologize to her mother in-law but she refused. 

The lady did a mistake by leaving her marital house. She left and went back home and only when she feel she’s good she want to go back. Dingaan told her that msrital home is not a playground. She can’t come and go as she please.

According to her mother, her Husband brought her back home for her family to take care of her for a little while. He never told her family that he was breaking up with her. He said that they have problems and she wasn’t getting along with his mothers. Her husband asked her family to stay with her and that he will come and get her. The family has been waiting for him since in 2020 for him to come and get his bride.

This woman must just accept that her marriage is over, get the divorce and move on too.