MZansi fears for Matthew Booth’s life after Sonia was spotted carrying this in her recent pictures

MZansi fears for Matthew Booth’s life after Sonia Booth was spotted carrying this in her recent picture.

Sonia Booth is a well known South African businesswoman who’s married to the Bafana-Bafana legend Mathew Booth, and the two have been married for a long time, and they even have kids. 

This couple has been making waves across all social media platforms as Sonia accused him of cheating on her with a married woman. Putting him on a blast a week ago, she revealed that he has been using her car to meet his girlfriend and he’s also misusing their child’s education fund to spend quality time with Bongani. The two allegedly took a road trip to Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal, they spent valentine’s day together and also had lunch dates.

The former miss SA finalist went to post a picture of herself praying with candles on instagram. Her picture was later taken to Twitter and it left many people in stitches as they were asking themselves if she’s a sangoma or what. 





However people went to spot that she was praying while carrying a spear, and this left people worried about the safety of Matthew booth. Many people went to hint that she could be performing a ritual for that spear and she has cancelled all of her interviews regarding her marriage.

Many people went to post suicide videos saying that will be Matthew Booth in the following days. Others went to post memes of SK khoza wandering around barefooted and went to say that Sonia has copied gogo Maweni and Matthew Booth is gonna go crazy in the next few days.

“SK vibes coming for the guy,” says a tweep.

“I feel sorry for Booth man, he will be walking barefooted like SK in the coming days, phela she’s carrying a spear there😂,” another tweep added.

See how people reacted on this tweet below: