Mzansi did not expect the news of Zandi Khumalo and senzo Meyiwa having an affair

Why would Zandi do this to her sister?

Senzo Meyiwa’s wife did not expect this, she is going to take time to heal, from what the Khumalo sisters have done to her marriage with Senzo. Tumelo revealed that Senzo loved women, he is not surprised that he fell in love with Zandi Khumalo.



There was a point where Zandi did not get along with her sister Kelly, after Senzo died. Does this mean Kelly found out about their affair? The court needs to bring Zandi and Kelly to the stand, in order to find out what really happened when Senzo died. There is more to it.

Kelly Khumalo was always busy with her music that is why she was not aware of what was happening in her house. She trusted her sister, but her sister decided to disappoint her. There is definitely a lot that will be revealed in this case.