Mzansi Calling Government To Take This RlDP House From This Family After They Did This #ReaTsotella

#ReaTsotella brings us the best family reality TV stories, we never knew we wanted to witness. Mozambican Nationals having IDs owning a RDP house fighting for it. While the daughter has stand and getting another one for his younger brother, while SA people take time to get these.

Yesterday’s episode of ReaTsotella, the family were fighting for a house that does not belong to either of them. The another problem is that Gogo doesn’t have an ID, they might have taken advantage of that. Foreigners from Mozambique on #ReaTsotella fighting over an RDP house. People go around mzansi buying stands

left and right with fake Id. We won’t be suprise Maria get grant for her children. It’s appears that many foreigners in Orange Farm who owning RDP houses are illegal immigrants. And some of these people don’t even live in SA, rent money is deposited into their bank accounts. Finally, some do not even have IDs. Believe me, SAns sell those RDPs to foreign nationals and setup shacks and complain again that they don’t have houses.





They’re the majority in this country, statistically speaking, it’s always them. There are so many South Africans from 1996 still don’t have RDP houses. They are relatives but they are still fighting instead they should sit down and find a solution to this matter. Trespassing from 1996 , that’s her house, and after so many years they say she’s trespassing.

I really don’t understand how some people can terrorise their family members like this. To think they share same blood, but cannot even treat each other with decency. #When they should love and protect each other as a family. Getting an old person arrested was way out of line. Government should take that house back turns out they’re all not South Africans.

Mmathabo didn’t come to play. She knows her facts, dates, yonkinto! Mistreating an elder will never end well. These people will think they are cursed. Bishop Makamu says that when you go to the salon, stop talking about your family problems because they will use the same info against you tomorrow. Those two ladies know each other’s secrets from the days of doing/plaiting hair.

Government must take back the RDP and the rest of the Khoza’s go back to Mozambique. Let everyone lose, neither gogo nor malume should get the house, back to Maputo.