Mzansi alleges baby mama bewitched actor who is now going crazy

This is Gogo Maweni from the South African show in Showmax and the two men here are Gogo Maweni’s baby daddies. Not so long Gogo took to her social media handles and said if her babies don’t eat, no one will eat.

“Lol. I don’t have a baby daddy issues. All issues were settled in my ndumba! The outcome was to leave them with nothing, if my kinds don’t eat no one eats. Do the maths!” Read the post on Dr G Maweni’s Instagram story.

The video of Shaka of The Queen have been making rounds on social media where we see him acting allegedly like a mad man, some argue it could be depression when others say it could be drugs. After all that was said it seems like the baby mama had something to do with her behaviour.





Another baby daddy, Siyabonga Zulu got fired from his soccer team and the actor baby daddy got fired from The Queen. We have seen how the actor have been on the headlines and for the wrong reasons.

First it was the video of him with girls, then the video of him beating his ex wife went viral and he got in trouble for it, the his private video with one of the gay actor went viral and now is this video of him acting strange at the lodge.

Social Media user’s opinion.

Shaka has been trending on twitter where tweeps accused him of being on drugs and that he needs to go to rehab before he loses control of his life and his career. However, the actor denied and assured fans that he is fine.

Author’s Opinion.

It has been proven that no one can get into the spiritual fight, if is is true that his baby mama did something spiritually. The actor have to go and apologize or things will keep getting worse.