Mzansi Accused MaNgwabe Of Being Selfish After She Refused To Do This In #UthandoNesthembu

Mzansi Accused MaNgwabe Of Being Selfish After She Refused To Do This In #UthandoNesthembu



#Uthandonesthembu fan and viewers were happy to finally see the show they have been waiting for. Musa Mseleku has been making headlines in the past few days and many of his fans as been waiting to see the drama in his reality tv show.

In the last episode of #Uthandonesthembu season 5 we saw Musa Mseleku proposing his plan of taking with number 5. Many people were left confused with MaNgwabe’s actions. Viewers did not know whether she was staying or she is leaving.

In the fist episode of #Uthandonesthembu season 6 we finally get to know the reason why she was angry and always moods when she seen Musa. Apparently the polygamist Musa Mseleku have maniplulated Mangwabe into thinking that she would be the last one, her feelings are now justified.

In this episode of #Uthandonesthembu MaNgwabe is still not happy. It looks like MaNgwabe is going to make everyone miserable until the day she decides to leave Mseleku.

From season 4 we knew that Mangwabe is preparing to exit. Mbali amazes viewers for the fact that she thought she was the last wife. She joined Isithembu (Polygamy marriage) and really believed she would be the last wife. There are three wives before her who have accepted that their husband will add another wife when he feels like it. She also need to accept it as well for her to heal.

Viewers think that MaNgwabe is selfish, MaCele and MaYeni accepted her and MaKhumalo and today she doesn’t want number 5 to enter. Musa won’t stop taking wives until he doesn’t want anymore.

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