Mzansi Accused LaConco of Being Two-Face And Fake After She Said This About Thobile In #RHODurban

She was asked why did she take long to address the issue of damages? Not whether Sfiso wanted her and not Ayanda. There is still no explanation as to why she waited for TV to raise issue ya Di damage. Let’s be honest, let’s look at the truth not sites. She is wrong. It doesn’t make sense to get married with the child and ask damages later why not ask while pregnant. She keeps trying to tell the world that Sifiso wasn’t happy with Ayanda, her answer was supposed to be direct to what Sifiso said before he passed on. Now she’s trying to act like a princess that was wanted by two men at the same time and still looking down on Ayanda.


Laconco has a point about Nonku speaking about Ayanda. She’s lying about that fact she wouldn’t sit and watch one of the girls talk about the other , because if they were talking about Thobile she’d happily speak about her too! And she’s the very same person who told Mabusi and Londi that her character is questionable and saying all these not so nice things instead of letting them figure her out on their own. She just contradicted herself! I’m starting to see an evil side to her since Thobile joined RHOD. Laconco should have just said, please don’t mention my friend’s name in my presence. That other speech sa don’t speak of other women in their absence, double standards and two faced.

Thobile is fair play she is in the group she will have the opportunity to defend herself at the reunion. Ayanda is no longer part of #RHODurban therefore she will not be able to defend herself on that platform. So they must not talk about Ayanda for their story line. I love how Thobile handled that issue that was said by the girlies who came in a quantum. Her not repeating was for peace sake. Thobile has class you can’t even fault her. And I loved her game drive outfit by the way.