“My wife, mma Mohosana” Murdah Bongz gushes over his wife DJ Zinhle.

It is always good to appreciate people. Men unlike women have it hard because they always have to show their women that they love them. Unlike women, men are not emotional beings hence it doesn’t come easy while for women it does.

Murdah Bongz is an award winning member of Black Motion. He has part of the group for ten years now. Murdah recently ventured into a solo career. He has had gigs from all over the world. He has release his first album titled Asante which is after his daughter with DJ Zinhle. The album has been well received by his fans.




His wife Zinhle, is always gushing over him and how much she loves him. The dj always finds it easy to praise him. This time around it was him. He shared a picture of her with short hair. He wrote “my wife” in Zulu. The dj shared the picture as well. These are just adorable.