“My son looked more like my dad than me” check out why this post left people talking on social media

Grandchildren’s appearance may be influenced by their grandparents’ genes. After all, each of a grandchild’s grandparents contributes 25% of their genetic makeup. And our physical characteristics are determined by our genes.

So some of your parents’ genes will undoubtedly be passed down to your children. Which implies that they will also pass on some of their appearance.


Of course, not all of your parents’ characteristics will be inherited by your offspring. Your children won’t actually be identical twins!

The genes you and your future wife happen to pass down to them will contribute to their appearance. And each of your parents will have contributed to these. through the generations, and so forth.

But some grandkids turn out to be a spitting image of their grandparents so much so that people would think they are your siblings.

Just like this father who felt betrayed that his son looks more like his father than him.

This caused a stir on social media with some claiming that maybe the grandfather is the father.