“My nanny made fat cakes with my olive oil” Thembisa Mdoda shares her funny story

South African celebrities, more especially actors and actresses work on a busy schedule. Thembisa Mdoda is one of such people, The Queen and House Of Zwide respectively, have her in their employ. She would obviously need assistance minding her children.

However, she probably didn’t know that one of the sacrifices would be olive oil!

The price of cooking oil in the country has become ridiculous. Just this week I discovered while shopping that two litres of oil is R85! It’s clearly ridiculously high and I can’t imagine how much olive oil would cost.

This evening Thembisa took to Twitter to explain her woes. She wrote, “I realised I’m old-old when I walked into the house, saw my nanny making amagwinya ngeOlive Oil (2 bottles), and I screamed🥺😭. …my scream was very embarrassing, also🥺.”

Obviously this was an innocent mistake that anyone could make but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been so calm in this situation. Its proof of her character that she kept her reaction to a scream. It was likely put of realizing that her oil had been wasted and wouldn’t like be able to be reused again after being used to fry fat cakes.

Social Media Response

People were in the comments of the post flabbergasted at what had happened.

Rami Chuene wrote, “You missed an opportunity to sell them at R50 each because wow…”

While another user shared their own anecdote, writing, “On Friday, the unemployed people in my house made scrambled eggs with NINE eggs as in 9, and the two of them ate it ALL. I had to laugh otherwise I would be in jail.”

It turned out that sharing her woes on social media worked out for her after all. The owner of Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil, generously offered to replace the bottle that were used. A very generous offer indeed!

What would you have done? Let me know in the comments…💬