My ex-husband has refused to see our son in last three years – Yvonne Jegede

Sadly, in March 2019, Yvonne confirmed that her then-one-year-old marriage crashed three months after she welcomed their son.

The actress was a guest on the third season of ‘Mercy’s Menu’, a cooking show produced by actress Mercy Johnson where she opened up on her short-lived marriage.

During the show, the duo discussed the aftermath of Yvonne’s divorce as they prepared Peri Peri Chicken and Coconut Milk Pasta.

According to Yvonne, her brief marriage and eventual divorce were just a phase, and she valued the experience.

The “Okafor’s Law” actress said she hasn’t spoken to her ex-husband in a while when asked about their relationship.

He is not responsive. He doesn’t call or take any action. In addition to our marriage, we had a wonderful friendship. I still think about that friendship and think it ought to mean something.

“He publicly acknowledged my son for the first time because I had already been accused of having a child for another person while married. I had to threaten him with removing his name from the child’s name if he doesn’t appear when the child turns five, she said.

She also admitted that she had flown to America by herself to give birth to their child.

“When it came time to write his name, I remarked that, as long as I was responsible for all the stress—emotionally, financially, and otherwise—I would write my surname alongside his.

I gave him the compound name Jegede-Fawole. If he didn’t acknowledge Fawole as his child, I threatened to have him removed. Because he had acknowledged that the child was his, the bloggers finally left me alone when he came and took a picture with the infant, she continued.

She claimed that since that time, her ex-husband has never visited their home.

He’s never called, either. He didn’t get a call or text to wish his son a happy birthday when he turned one. I’m-not-even-asking-him-to-contact-me. “We no dey the same path again, but your gift dey my hand.”

“I even left a message for his family members because I dreaded the day when my child would wake up and ask, ‘Where is my daddy?'” And we arrived at that point. “I was rattled,” she added.

Despite the fact that she had been divorced for more than three years, the actress described her ex-husband as a person with a kind heart, which she said influenced her decision to marry him.

She also stated that their marital problems were not serious enough to warrant a divorce, but they did.

“It simply did not work out.” I believe we are on different wavelengths.

But I reasoned, na my guy. For many years prior to getting married, we were very close. She said, “I had been through some of his relationships, and he had been through some of mine.


She remembered that when the marriage, which had been going for less than two years, first started, she was afraid to end it. However, she eventually came to terms with the fact that it had no future.

“Today I wouldn’t be happy if I had stayed back out of fear of what people would think. When people see me, they often comment on how positive I seem to be. Even my point gained ground.

I used to be quiet. I’m not a quick talker. I try to remain anonymous. But I guess it’s been around four years since then, and I’m just living my life now.

Following reports that Yvonne had left her husband’s home, separation rumors started to follow their marriage for a few weeks.

Later, the actress admitted in an interview that she ended her marriage three months after finding out she was expecting her son, Xavier.

The couple met in 2004 on the set of Tade Ogidan’s famous drama series, ‘Behind the Siege’.

Yvonne rose to prominence after she made a cameo appearance in 2Face Idibia’s award-winning music video, ‘African Queen’, alongside Annie Macaulay in 2004.


‘My ex doesn’t check up on our son,’ Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede speaks on failed marriage