Muvhango|Vutshilo takes a huge step to impress his woman, see details


Vutshilo has been trying so hard to impress Zama in the past weeks and he has been getting advices from his father, who has been making up for the time that he lost with his child after betraying him by falling in love with Gugu.

The young Mukhwevho prince is reading all the things that Zama likes so that he can impress her, after ruining things for them last week due to Rosemary were he found out that they are related.



But the poor Zama has nothing to do with this and the only people who can he blamed for this is Mpho who involved Zama in this matter.

But Rosemary is the one that is helping Vutshilo to get his woman back, because she understands the mess that she has put the young man onto in the past weeks.

Vutshilo is planning to marry Zama which is something that can unite many people in Thathe.