Muvhango|Tenda and Mpho are on a huge trouble after kidnapping Gugu, see details


Mpho has made the worst decision on her life after allowing Rosemary onto her house and now she has to face the consequences of her action, after Gugu managed to get in the house and discovered that Rosemary is living under Mpho roof.


The fear that Rosemary and Mpho had, made them to hold Gugu hostage because they feared that she will tell the police that Rosemary is living with Mpho, and they might be arrested together which has been sonething that has caused a serious havoc for them, becuase their enemies are starting to use this as their advantage.

Tenda does know that James and Azwindini are teaming up together to bring him down after what he did to Susan, and this will come as a huge blessing to learn that Gugu has been hold hostage onto their house, which might make them to blackmail him by buying MMC shares from him.