Muvhango’s Susan Opens Up About Being Called Ugly

If you were to go through actress Maumela Mahuwa’s Instagram account, you’d learn how confident she is in her own skin and who she is. Now the actress is admitting that it hasn’t always been that way and it took many years to gain that self confidence and self love. Muvhango’s Susan opens up about being called ugly.


Speaking to Drum in their latest issue, the actress admits that it didn’t feel nice to be called ugly. “When I agreed with them that I was ugly, I stopped loving myself… When you are told you are too dark, short, your nose is flat and your lips are too big, you start to believe you are really ugly. I saw nothing beautiful in me,” she told the mag.

36 year old Maumela says it took her twelve years to work through her self-esteem issues.