Muvhango|Nomasonto has been caught with another lover in the royal house.


The lady who claims to be Gugu has been causing having in the royal house making many people panic, as Azwindini tries to prepare for her lobola negotiations, which started last night after telling people about they must go to Gugu’s home to pay his lobola.

But this time Nomasonta has a huge secret that might explode anytime after she was caught with the lady that she is dating in the house, after telling the lady about how they don’t spend their time together this day because she is sleeping with Azwindimi only every night.






But this didn’t end well because they was someone listening and things might be discovered soon after they were kissing each other in the room, which will cause more problems for them in the coming days, because the lobola negotiations might be canceled if Azwindini hears this news and cause a serious drama in the house.

Maybe Vutshilo is the one that might help him rather from this issue and this might cause him to build their relationship, with him again after they were fighting for Gugu for a long time, and Vutshilo also knows Gugu better than his father which might make things easy for him.

But now they had to deal with this couple that wont to score money from them by pretending to be Gugu on the show, which might make things worse in the coming days because everything might come back to hunt because of the secret that they have on each other.