Muvhango|Ndalamo has return back home, and Nomasonto is on a huge trouble after meeting him

But his presence is starting to cause problems for Nomasonto who has been lying to everyone in the house about her identity where she pretends to be Gugu, but this time she doesn’t know Ndalamo while the Mukwevho pronce knows her well and this has started to shock Ndalamo.

Tonight she will have to pretend as if she knows him so that people can stop suspecting something, from her because Azwindini is also starting to think otherwise about this whole issue where he wants to help his son to win the case in court.





Vutshilo has invited Kgosi to Thathe to help him to hack Nomasonto phone so that he can find out her plans of scaming Azwindini money, by using Gugu’s identity because she is now planning to marry him so that it can be easy to steal his money and run with it.

But with the presence of Ndalamo in Thathe things might go bad for them because the guy is too good when it comes to dealing with scammers, and this time he will be looking to win the trust of the family again after what has happened in the past.