Muvhango|James does the biggest mistake of his life after trying to kill Tenda


The death of Moipone came at the wrong time for both Tenda and James because they were still busy trying to take each other down, after Tenda was nearly killed in the prison cells after James made him to not found bail in court.

But the situation is getting worse for them because James is blaming Tenda for killing his mother, and he was caught by his cousin last night when he was trying to kill him, but little does he knows that his cousin is the one that has killed his mother.




Someone needs to check on Tenda because he needs serious help because he is blamed for something that he didn’t do, but the truth has its ways of showing up.

Will James and his cousin do the unthinkable by killing Tenda or this might be the end of James because this woman is on a mission to bring the whole family down?