Muvhango|Azwindini has a tough decisions to make about the life of Mukondeleli

The drama ended with a huge blow last night after the Mukondeleli family arrived in the royal house, and made serious suggestions that might cause a huge headache for Azwindini, after they told him that they wanted the machines at the hospital to be switched off so that Mukondeleli can die.

The old woman is in threatening conditions at the hospital and this might end badly for her because the likes of Nomasonto are out to kill her, so that they can hide the evidence that might take them go to prison after causing this old lady to feel and be admitted to the hospital last week.





But things took a bad turn after she was nearly killed by Nomasinto during the week after the old lady fell down in the house, were Nomasonto her cool during a fall out that they had in the hospital, where she put a pillow on top of her head trying to kill her so bad and this has caused a huge tension in Thathe as people thought that she has died.

But Azwindini has launched searches for Mulimisi so that he can save the life of the old woman, like he did to Susan in the past week and now they are a lot of debates going on after her family came up with another suggestion that might take her away.

On the other side, Azwindini is trying to save his son from going to prison where he has to choose between him and Nomasonto, and it looks like the chief is trying to build a strong relationship with his son.