Muvhango|Azwindini discovers sensitive information about Nomasonto, see details

Azwindini has finally found out about Nomasonto’s plans of scamming him plenty of money and leaving him with nothing, and this time things got out of hands, were Azwindini found out by himself last night, after he has been by Vutshilo on Thursday which caused him to think otherwise.

The scars that Nomasonto has on her body are not similar to what Gugu has Azwindini asked her about this issue last night, and rye girl lost her cool again and told the chief the whole truth about scamming her lot of money by marrying him then divorcing him again.





The situation is getting tougher in the royal house someone has to help Azwindini to fight this dangerous woman because they are out to cause serious havoc in Thathe, and many people might end up being in danger because the woman likes to scam people money and run away with that.

This time they have betrayed the wrong person because Azwindini will be getting help from Vutshilo and Kgosi, and then use the connection that they have to deal with this woman for good, and it won’t end well for them to try to found Gugu.

Once Vutshilo found Gugu then things might work well in his favor so that she can confess about the torturing that these two women have put her through, but all this will be happening in the coming month, and viewers are advised to be ready because they will experience the best entertainment on this show.