Muvhango|Azwindini begins with lobola negotiations, see details


The lobola negotiations have begun and Azwindini has nothing that can stop him to marry the woman who thought that it was his lover, while he is getting himself on a huge that this enemy has set against him because tho gs are going to be hectic on Thathe very soon.

Everyone in the Royal has been dreaming bad this day and it’s clear that their worst nightmare is about to happen after being on difficulties with Susan, where she kicked them out of the royal house last month after winning the four cases as she had 50% ownership of that house.

But this time the chief of Thathe has solved everything with Susan and he is looking forward to starting a new life with the woman that he thinks it’s Gugu, but Nomasonto on the other side is starting to panic because he knows that one day the truth will come out and she will be exposed.

This time she is scared that she must move to Gugu’s house so that she can allow the negotiations to begin, and there’s more drama waiting for him because Gugu’s family will know about her identity because they know her daughter well and this time huge blow might happen.

Will the Mukhwevhos find the truth in time or they will be in an awkward position that might end in full of tears for them, after what has just happened anyone can realize that Nomasonto does not know all the things in Thathe.