MUVHANGO : Wednesday 17 August 2022 – Vhafuwi Is “Amazed” To Learn That Rosemary Has Escaped Prison

In the following episode of Muvhango: Vhafuwi is stunned to discover that Rosemary has gotten away from jail. Similarly as Azwindini is near the precarious edge of taking care of his concerns with his child Vhutshilo, another issue emerges.

We should do a little recap of past episodes.

Susan has been set in an extreme situation by Tendamudzimu. Since he figured out how to clean Rendi Susan off of a wrongdoing that he set up, he has been making major decisions in the Mayoral office.

A couple of evenings back, he sent Susan another rundown of names he needs to be a piece of the panel in the Mayor’s office, and that implies individuals like Rendani could confront losing their positions.

Susan has been living anxious since Tenda figured out how to put his jingle hooks in her office. Tenda has likewise been going through issues on the home front. He associates Mpho with cheating with Oxford, yet presently he is attempting to wed her and take on Ndiwa formally; Mpho isn’t content with how quick things are moving, and she has a major treat for him.

Vhafuwi had been determined to get once again into Vhutshilo’s great books, and a portion of his choices were not agreeing with a portion of the Royals.

Azwindini gave Vhutshilo his MMC shares that he purchased from Mulalo. That choice has made Vho-Borosi and Vho-Makhadzi exceptionally agitated.

Makhadzi is seen asking Azwindini what else he figures he could provide for satisfy Vhutshilo.

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Vhafuwi finds that Rosemary has gotten away from prison. This could be an intense issue for Azwindini, Vha-Kwevho and Gugu. Rosemary impelled the entire Nomasonto adventure that flipped around everybody’s life and wound up with the passing of Vho-Mukondeleli as a little something extra.

Recall that Nomasonto was professing to be Gugu and imparted the bed to Vhafuwi for quite a long time as Gugu while the genuine Gugu was secured in the looney receptacle in her place.

Imagine a scenario in which Rosemary brings the news that Nomasonto is pregnant with the Chief’s child. That would annihilate Azwindini, and similarly as he is going to prevail upon Vhutshilo, Vhafuwi may be compelled to shield Gugu from Rosemary once more.

Vho-Borosi has been against Susan running for Mayor and is presently uncovering exactly how much against he was. Susan figures out that Borosi deceived her by the decisions. Susan is stunned to gain of this from the Royal.

Vho-Masindi doesn’t support Shaz utilizing Makulu’s cook book. It has been a couple of months since the darling Vho-Mukondeleli left us at Muvhango, and a few Royals, as Vho-Masindi, are as yet grieving the misfortune, so when she figures out that Shaz is currently taking a portion of the recipes from Vho-Mukondeleli’ book, it doesn’t sit well.

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