Muvhango| Vutshilo learns the hard way in prison, see details

Vutshilo is a young prince from Thathe in Venda and he is the first son of Azwindini and Susan who got divorced last month after Azwindini fell in love with Gugu, but the war started when Nomasonto changed the identity of Gugu so that she can pretend to be like her after saying that Gugu is leaving her life.

Mukondeleli overhead both Nomasonto and her friend talking about how they hate to see Nomasonto sleeping with Azwindini, every night and they continue to take this matter on the lounge when they were kissing each other which ended with Mukondeleli confronting them.





But it was late for her because they attack the old lady until she fell Vutshilo arrived when the old woman down, and they took all the blame on him after saying that he was taking advantage of Nomasonto because of their relationship between Gugu and Vutshilo which ended in tears for them.

But the young prince continues to insist to the police that he won’t talk until Mukondeleli wakes up in the hospital, and that’s when the police decided to arrest him this time and the young man, has been beaten up by angry cellmates after hearing that Vutshilo dated the old woman which is on the similar age with their mothers.

The young have learned tough lessons in prison that he has to tell the police the truth about what happened to the old woman because he could have avoided going to prison last week.