Muvhango – Vhangani has accepted his fate but Rendani insists

Muvhango viewers are in for a cracker this evening after fans were left on the edge of their seats last night.

Vhangani has accepted his fate but Rendani insists that there won’t be a sacrifice ritual.

With that said, could this mark the end of Vhangani or there will be a sudden new twist to the plot.


Many viewers have been left wondering why was Vhangani protected by ancestors when they wanted to kill him but did not protect Vhafuwi?

Good heart always bring us troubles. Vhangani has been nothing but awesome to this family and they want to say thanks by taking him to the Graves with his boss.

Meanwhile, Queen Cleopatra is one of the most iconic, important and influential women in history, and now a glossy new Netflix docudrama hopes to offer a fresh perspective on her life story and legacy.

Part of a documentary franchise on African queens, which has Hollywood star Jada Pinkett Smith as its executive producer, Queen Cleopatra explores the work of the daring monarch, who ruled Egypt from 51BC until 30BC.

The four-parter, which launches on Wednesday 10 May, also looks at how her beauty and her romances with

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony often overshadow her real asset: her intellect.

‘Cleopatra has been misunderstood and misrepresented over time,’ says British actor and former Casualty star Adele James, who plays the ruler in the series, as she joins TV Times for an exclusive interview.

‘She’s been over-sexualised and not credited enough for the intelligent, brilliant, political leader she was. There’s so much more to Cleopatra than meets the eye, than what we think we know from Hollywood versions of her.’

The show also addresses Cleopatra’s heritage – the subject of much academic debate, as proven recently when a trailer for Queen Cleopatra sparked controversy for casting a mixed-heritage actor.