Muvhango – Things to get worse between James and Imani. Did he ruin things over nothing?

James (Dingaan Mokebe) and Imani (Zonke Mchunu) have gone through rough patches in their relationship but for the most part, they’re happy.

And even when they’re fighting, it’s still a good romance because they always kiss and make up. At least they did…

“Every relationship has ups and downs, and James and Imani are currently in a down phase where they’re experiencing problems and are starting to disagree with and misunderstand each other more than usual,” says Dingaan.

The problem right now is that Imani wants James to add her son Lethu (not onscreen) as a beneficiary to his will so that he receives half of the inheritance if anything has to happen to James, despite the child already getting his biological father’s entire estate.




James feels that Imani is being unfair towards his own son Lesedi (Larona Maponyane) by asking him to share half of his inheritance with someone he’s not related to.

He questions Imani about her child sharing his inheritance with Lesedi and when she says he won’t share, the fight escalates to a new low.

James gets it in his head that Imani may be mistreating Lesedi – he even set up cameras in the house to keep an eye on how Imani behaves around Lesedi.

Amid all the drama, James is forced to cancel a very important meeting at the very last minute when he hears that Lesedi has had an unexpected allergic reaction and needs to be rushed to the hospital.

“I won’t say what allergic reaction Lesedi has had and how severe it is, but this incident may be the reason that Imani sees divorce on the horizon for herself and James,” hints Dingaan.

The problems only intensify when a stressed and overwhelmed James has an accident and is rushed to hospital.

Source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 19 May 2022