Muvhango – The royal murder that will have more questions than answers

Rosemary (Gugu Mzobe) and Nomasonto (Bukamina Cebekhulu) are elated. They’ve gotten Gugu (also played by Bukamina) out of the picture in an identity-swap plan so that crook Nomasonto can take Gugu’s place as fiancée to Thathe Chief Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani).




Once married, “Nomasonto will divorce Azwi and take his money,” says actress Gugu. “Rosemary and Nomasonto are experts in conning people, but their ‘easy’ plan is going to fall apart. Nomasonto and Gugu look the same but they’re very different personalities.”

Someone in the royal house is going to learn their secret and they’ll be fighting to survive.


In the midst of celebrating, Rosemary and Nomasonto are caught kissing by Vho-Mukondeleli (Elsie Rasalanavho), who figures things out. But before she can expose them, Nomasonto pushes Vho-Mukondeleli down the stairs.

“They’re both in shock,” says Gugu. “Worse yet, royal son Vhutshilo (Wavhudi Lidzhegu) saw them pushing Vho-Mukondeleli. To save themselves, the criminals try to put the blame on Vhutshilo, knowing that no one will believe him when he says that he’s innocent,” explains Gugu, reminding viewers that Vhutshilo has a history of making trouble and lying.

source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 7 Apr 2022