Muvhango – Tenda may be on top but his personal life is frazzling

Businessman Tenda (Nat Ramabulana) has recently been on cloud nine as his plans to trap Mayor Susan (Maumela Mahuwa) and blackmail her into doing his bidding has paid off.

And it seems that this evil mastermind has more tricks up his sleeves to make the former chief’s wife bend to his will.

Tenda couldn’t be happier now that his plans to control Susan are working. He wanted to make her his puppet, which is exactly what is happening now.

Tenda’s whole game plan is to use Susan to carry out all of the plans that he has in store, which for now I will keep a secret. And that can only mean one thing: Trouble!





Now that Tenda has Susan where he wants her, he decides that it’s time to finish things. He pushes Susan into a corner with no way out, and sets her an ultimatum that is clearly impossible for Susan to fulfil.

Tenda manages to get Susan into more trouble than she’s already in, and he uses this to blackmail her by threatening to expose her for being corrupt. And there’s no space for Susan to wiggle her way out of this mess… for now.


In the midst of celebrating his victory over Susan, Tenda is wary of his partner in crime Oxford (Ndumiso Dlamini) for the charismatic way that he engages with Tenda’s wife Mpho (Azwimbavhi Rambuda).

It gets so bad that Tenda lashes out at his wife and accuses her of cheating. Tenda thinks that Mpho has a crush on Oxford and that she’s entertaining him.

This feeling makes Tenda voice out his thoughts of Mpho being a woman of loose morals, especially since in the past she cheated on Tenda with his rival Chief Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani).

Mpho gets incredibly upset and offended by the accusations that Tenda throws her way. But he starts to feel guilty when Mpho give him a watch with his name etched on it.

He realises then that it was wrong on his part to accuse Mpho like that and to be so dismissive of her.