Muvhango – Susan is at war and James drama continues

Vho-Masindi and Vho-Makhadzi are furious and promise to block Gizara if he’s connected to the alleged rigging of the election, and Imani is surprised to see James wearing a beaded necklace.

Vhutshilo shows his sore loser side, and James spots a mysterious figure crossing the bedroom. Vhutshilo scores a point against Reggie, James continues having sleep paralysis, and Rendani receives a job offer in Thathe.

Vhutshilo is becoming desperate to make Zama officially his girlfriend and he plots to ruin Reggie’s reputation. James’s medication isn’t stopping his nightmares, and in a feeble attempt to stop his sleep paralysis James combines his medication with energy drinks.



Vhutshilo confronts Reggie and orders him to stay away from Zama, and a desperate Imani and Itseng try to come up with new plans to save James. Zama makes it clear what she wants and that surprises both Reggie and Vhutshilo, and someone arrives back from KwaZulu-Natal looking refreshed.

Itseng and family elder Letsatsi get locked out of the house by James, and Zama receives an apology from Vhutshilo for the way that he’s behaved towards her recently.