Muvhango| Susan chases everyone out in the Royal house

Everyone has been chased out of the Royal. house after Susan successfully won her case with Azwindini, which gives her the majority owner of the house because of the divorce that they are going through with Azwindini who has rushed to Joburg to stay with Gugu.




Both Masindi and Mukondeleli have moved with Mahadzi to stay with Sarah on Gizara’s house and they are not enjoying it at all. They complain about the bad food that Sarah cooks which makes things difficult for them because they used to live a lavish life at their home.

Vangani was shocked when he caught Suzan using witchcraft in the Mukwevho house where he tried to warn her but things didn’t go well for her because she was too confident about what she was doing.

But Azwindini has a huge promise to Gugu that he is making a plan to destroy Susan forever.