MUVHANGO Soapie Is Broke? || Actors Stop Working Because Of This

Muvhango is a South African television soap opera that is aired on SABC 2. This soap opera has been on air for more than twenty five years. It is one of the telenovela’s that have been on air for a long time. This year the cast celebrated their 25th anniversary where they even invited their former actors to celebrate with them. Recently the cast has been trending after viewers revealed that they want the soapie to be cut off.




This is because the cast mainly hires actors from Botswana and leaving their own here in South Africa. People say that it’s unfair that the cast treats actors from other countries fairly and forget about South African people. Viewers did reveal that they would boycott the soapie because of this. On the other side they kept complaining about the confusing storylines that always makes them to wonder if the cast have good writers. Their storyline has always been making people unhappy and it’s clear that they are not planning to change any of that.

Just a year ago it was reported that the soapie would be cut off because their storylines kept on making viewers to stop watching and it was said that it is no longer generating money. Up to so far, the cast is still failing to make viewers happy and this only means that it Gould possibly come to an end. This time around the management is fighting with actors as they have decided to stop working because they were not paid their salary for October.

Nothing is as heartbreaking as working and never get the money that you are supposed to get. All people do make plans with their money and when they do not get paid it creates tension. It is not for the first time the cast failing to pay its workers and this only reveals that indeed the cast is going through a lot. Actors have revealed that they will only go back to work after they have been paid. What is your take on this matter?, shate your views on the comment section and follow for more news. Note that pictures are for illustration purposes.