Muvhango: Nomasondo and Rosemary will be in a serious trouble see Why

Nomasondo and Rosemary will be in a serious trouble because currently Azwindini knows the truth, remember the police was looking for them for a while, but they just believe that Gugu it is Nomasondo because they look alike,so now if Azwindini, Vutshilo and Kgosi have the power to save Gugu’s life.

Nomasondo and Rosemary blackmail Azwindini and they told him exactly what they want from him so that they could back off, Azwindini does not know what to do because if he does any mistake Gugu dies,



Azwindini will start to notice that Nomasondo and Rosemary do not play games, because they are doing everything to make sure that their plans succeed, now Azwindini offer them money, but they realise that It might be a trap,so they still gonna torture lot of people, until the police stop them.

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