Muvhango: May Her Soul Rest In Peace

Better known as Vho-Mukondeli, Murabeli Rasalanavho is a South African actress who currently portrays the role of Vho-Mukondeleli on the SABC 2′ Muvhango. She has been with the show for two decades now, and is considered a veteran actress. She is one of the few people on the show who have been with the show since it started.

Her role started off as that of a person who really is heartless. She was always fighting for her son to be the next chief of Thathe, and his name was Lambani. She was always ready to use black magic on everyone who would stand on her way.







Her character however evolved throughout the decades, and she has become a sweet grandmother whose sins were forgotten, and forgiven. During the celebration of the 25 years anniversary of Muvhango. The actress took to the podium to announce that she will be leaving the show, after so many years of being with the show. She is already brain dead on the show, and the family has to make a decision to pull the plug. They had a memorial service for her tonight, meaning the decision is final.