Muvhango| James and Imani are on a huge trouble, after they were arrested by the police

James and Imani are going back to prison after the new evidence that the police has found and this time Tenda wants to see his enemies getting the punishment that they deserve, after causing problems for his family but he doesn’t know that he will be needing them in the coming days.





Both Tenda and Moipone are going to stand in a courtroom and they will have to work together to save each other from going to jail after the violence, that has happened because Moipone will be the state witness after seeing Tenda killing Hulisani and beating her to death again.

But they will make a deal that will end this drama to happen in their lives so that they can move on with their lives.

Things are hectic in Thathe and Susan will do anything to save her marriage after deciding that she will fight this divorce that Azwindini is desperate to do