‘Muvhango’ : Gugu is pregnant with Azwindini’s baby

Gugu slept with Azwindini without protection while they were trapped underground and she’s now dating both Azwindini and his son, Vutshilo.

Viewers of SABC 2’s Venda soapie, Muvhango, predict that Gugu is already pregnant with Azwindini’s baby.

The pair were stuck underground for almost a week and ended up making love without protection.



Gugu has been giving fans ‘Brooke Logan vibes’ this season as she’s now slept with father and son, Azwindini and Vutshilo.

  • Viewers first judged her for sleeping with Vutshilo because he was her intern at MMC and he’s way too young for her.
  • Fans are now appalled by her behaviour as her personality has changed completely.
  • Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) has also proposed marriage and asked her to be his second wife.
  • Fans of the show are not surprised that Azwindini is cheating on his wife or wants to take Gugu as his second wife as he’s done this before.

  • They were rescued this week and are now having an affair behind Susan and Vutshilo’s back
  • Gugu (Bukamina Cebekhulu) is now unashamedly dating both Azwindini and Vutshilo at the same time.



Vutshilo (Wavhudi Lizhegu) will also propose marriage to her when he finds out about their affair.

  • Azwindini and Gugu’s affair will damage Vutshilo and Azwindini’s relationship because Gugu is Vutshilo’s first love.
  • This is his first real relationship with a woman and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.
  • Azwindini doesn’t care about his son’s feelings because he only cares about his needs over others.
  • He’s been cheating on his wife, Susan (Maumela Mahuwa) since they got married and he will continue cheating on her.

WILL GUGU KEEP AZWINDINI’S BABY?  Gugu just gave birth to her first child less than a year ago and will probably consider abortion as she’s a modern woman and a CEO of a large construction company

  • She is barely managing the two roles at the moment and won’t want to complicate her life any further.
  • Azwindini will ask her to reconsider keeping the baby if she is pregnant because he’s always wanted a large family
  • The baby might also make Gugu reconsider Azwindini’s marriage proposal as she and her first baby daddy are not together.

Plot twist: Gugu is actually pregnant with Vutshilo’s baby and not Azwindini’s.