Muvhango: Find out who is responsible for Gugu’s pregnancy between Vutshilo and Azwindini

Currently Gugu claims that she is pregnant for Azwindini and the elders doubt that Azwindini is the father of her child, remember Gugu fell in love with Vutshilo before Azwindini so there might be a high possibility that Vutshilo might be a father, and if Vutshilo is a father which means Azwindini will be the grandfather.




It is really hard because Gugu already chose Azwindini over Vutshilo, and Vutshilo already admitted that Gugu is no longer interested in him, remember he saved her because he wanted to clear his name, so that the truth will come out.

Azwindini brought shame at thathe because they already know Gugu is his wife, so if she is pregnant for Vutshilo people will start to be confused.

The problem of Azwindini is that he does not want to listen to anybody, especially when he makes decisions about women even though eventually they disappoint him

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