Muvhango| Azwindini has bigger plans to share with his family, see details


The royal family has been going through difficult times this year and they are trying their best to avoid any scandals that might affect their family, but Azwindini has been er listen to anyone in the house when it comes to getting advice from the family which is something that has brought this drama into the family.

This time the chief of Thathe has bigger plans for Gugu after telling the family that he wants to marry so that she can replace the position of Susan in the house, but he doesn’t know that the woman that he has brought into the house is not Gugu and it might backfire him in the weeks to come.





It looks likAzwindini’sni weakness in loving the wrong women is growing every day and he is not taking the advice of anyone when they reach out to him, he always hearts the ones that are closer to him so that he can satisfy himself and it ends in tears for him after knowing the truth.

The future of the Thathe Chieftency is at a huge risk. becuase Azwindini has brought strangers into the house, after fighting a difficult battle with Susan and people can admit that he is nothing without Susan because the woman has been helping him during difficult times.

It’s a matter of time before everyone learns the truth about Azwindini who pretend to be Gugu, and it won’t be easy for the chief to handle the embarrassment that he will get from the people that he leads.