Muvhango Actors Who Are Driving Expensive Cars-look No.1

It Written by Birminghamj

If you think South African entertainment agencies don’t pay too much these days, you better believe it again because many South African celebrities drive one of the most expensive cars in South Africa.

We all know that some shows get paid less than others but some are well paid which shows how rich their actors are. Muvhango has been around for more than 2 years and has muvhango representatives who use various premium cars around the world.




one. Kk

Kk men or women have been using muvhango for a long time and I think they make muvhango soap just to see how much South Africa there is. KK has Audi and Range Rover for about R1. 5 meters

2. Noni

Noni, perhaps one of Muvhango’s liveliest characters, makes us love the welcome scene even though we rarely see her on muvhango anymore. Noni travels quite expensively and drives an Audi A5 which is expected to command over R500 000.

three. Ding Ann (James)

We all know Dingan Mokebe as a great actor and show host and I am sure you hardly realize that he is hosting an expensive adventure. Ding An drives the new Volkswagen to explore the global cost of R500000

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