Muti mayhem – beauty queen accuses hubby of forcing traditional medicine down her throat

Things have gone from sweet to sour for a couple after they madam of the relationship accused her beau of witchcraft.

27-year-old nurse, Olebogeng Mphalo, claims her hubby of two years, Mogomotsi Mphalo, 32, threatened to end her life back in September after she refused to drink a special concoction he had brewed for her.

Olebogeng, the winner of this year’s Mrs African World Pageant Best Project presentation, has now opened a case against Mogomotsi with Thamaga Police.

To add to her stress, she suspects the man she married back in December 2020 has been cheating on her.

Airing her woes to The Voice this week, the young woman said she was stuck in an abusive marriage.

Olebogeng explained she initially put off contacting the cops as her parents and in-laws were trying to reconcile the couple.

However, when their efforts failed to bear fruit, she took her grievances to the police on 7th November.



The part-time model is accusing Mogomotsi of strangling her and forcing muti down her throat.

Narrating her version of the events of that fateful September day, Olebogeng said, “I was just resting in the bedroom in the afternoon when I heard him in a telephone conversation saying, ‘This girl is difficult’. After some minutes, I went to the sitting room to watch television. My husband had prepared some traditional medicine and poured it into two dishes.”

According to Olebogeng, the trouble started a little later when Mogomotsi gulped down the medicine and asked her to do the same.

“I refused, but he forced me to drink, uttering the words, ‘After I have killed you, people will blame me but you’re the one forcing me,” she said.

Painting a picture of an unhappy union, the troubled wife said her husband often returned home late at night, and sometimes even the following morning, after knocking-off from his job repairing tyres.

“I was surprised as he would not bath and eat at home; it has been three months now that I haven’t been serving him food since, when I dish for him, he would not eat the food,” narrated the visibly distressed beauty queen.

Olebogeng has long since come to the conclusion her man is having an affair, a suspicion she said was heightened when she caught him sitting inside his car at the bus stop in the middle of the night with another woman.

“The lady who was with him later got inside the bus and I asked her name. She introduced herself as Neo and I recalled that we once had a misunderstanding about one Neo who used to call him. I just left things the way they were; you can’t force someone to love you as he had already told me he was no longer interested in me,” she concluded glumly.

Having first appeared before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court last week Thursday and then again this Tuesday, Mogomotsi remains out on bail.

The Voice (Botswana) Sat, 19 Nov 2022