Must Mseleku went all out for Abongwe’s Matric Farewell

Today we are going to talk about the 11th episode of the sixth

season of Uthando Nesthembu. In this episode, we saw Musa Mseleku’s daughter Abongwe finally having her Matric Farewell.

It seems like Abongwe’s Matric Farewell was something that she has been waiting for and planning the whole year. It also seems like Musa Mseleku made sure that Abongwe’s Farewell was everything that she imagined.








Musa bought a beautiful suit for Abongwe to wear, and there is no Matric Farewell without a car right? Well, Musa made sure he goes all the way to also make sure that Abongwe rides in style by hiring a white drop-top BMW for her.

To top things off, Musa Mseleku also decided to surprise Abongwe with a bunch of flowers. The flowers were not just random flowers, they came with notes of money in them and Abongwe referred to them as a money bouquet.

Abongwe was very happy to have received a bouquet of flowers with money, and in her diary session, she expressed her happiness.

“People don’t say how nice it feels to get flowers. To top it off, it’s a money bouquet”, said Abongwe.

In his diary session, Musa Mseleku revealed that the reason why he decided to buy flowers for Abongwe is that he felt sorry for her after she revealed that she did not have a partner for her Matric Farewell.

“I bought her flowers because she broke my heart when she said her date was not coming”, said Musa Mseleku.

It seems like Abongwe was very happy with her Matric Farewell. It was everything that she wanted, and her father Musa Mseleku made sure that she received everything that she wanted and more for her day to be perfect.

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