Musa Mthombeni’s post recently left Mzansi in stitches as he took his wife’s pictures

Pictures themselves tell a significant story; in others, they trigger memories that help to put present events and feelings into a more realistic perspective; in still others, they provoke an awareness of emotions and concerns that might otherwise go unrecognized. Pictures are very important and when they are taken by your life partner, they become even more special.

Musa Mthombeni and hid beautiful wife are known as one of the most amazing couples in Mzansi and the love they have for one another has inspired a lot of people in Mzansi. Many never thought that their relationship will go far but it got as far as marriage. Now the couple is living happily ever after and a lot of people just love seeing them serving some of the most amazing couple goals.




Musa Mthombeni recently shared adorable pictures of himself taking his wife pictures, while she looked at herself in the mirror. He captioned his post on social media: “I personally have no fashion sense, but my work is beautiful. Pictured here, along her gorgeous stylist, @liesllaurie is seen wearing a @anelbothac red dress. Made out of satin mined in the champagne region of France, this dress was everything and more.

The model, @liesllaurie is said to be married to a humble and young man from the Vaal. Personally, he should be a model but he already has too many career paths. He also doesn’t like attention and prefers life behind the scenes.” His adorable post really caught a lot of people’s attention as they looked so cute, but Musa’s facial expressions were just hilarious including the caption that he had shared on hid post.

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