Musa Mseleku’s son explains what Men must do before they get into Isithembu “It’s not about money”

Mpumelelo Mseleku said people who want to get into polygamous relationships or marriages should first consult.

How can you determine if isithembu, or having multiple wives, is the right choice for you? Mpumelelo Mseleku, the 22-year-old son of reality TV star Musa Mseleku, offers some insightful advice for those considering polygamous relationships or marriages.


Mpumelelo, who currently has two girlfriends, Vuyokazi Nciweni and Tirelo Kale, alongside his father’s four wives, emphasizes the importance of consultation before entering into isithembu. He suggests that individuals interested in this lifestyle should first consult with their family to determine if it aligns with their destiny.

Moreover, Mpumelelo highlights that wealth should not be the sole motivation for pursuing polygamy, as this can lead to complications and problems within the relationships. Instead, he stresses the significance of honesty and transparency. Couples should discuss their desire for a polygamous marriage from the outset of their relationship to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Mpumelelo also emphasizes the value of building families while still young. When questioned about his own marriage plans, he advises patience, suggesting that people should take their time.

Additionally, he expresses his happiness about expecting his third child, emphasizing the importance of growing a family, a desire shared by his father Musa Mseleku. Mpumelelo acknowledges the blessings of parenthood and appreciates that his family’s wishes for expansion are coming true.

In summary, Mpumelelo’s insights emphasize the need for careful consideration, honesty, and consultation when contemplating isithembu or polygamous relationships, underlining that financial wealth alone should not be the driving factor. He also highlights the importance of building families and being patient when it comes to personal life decisions.